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As our digital landscape evolves, wedding videos are an increasingly popular way to capture your special day in all its striking detail. From bride and groom preparation to the ceremony to the reception, a wedding film is a time capsule of not only your wedding day but your love story.

When you look back at your video, you will always have a live, visual format of your photo session, first dance, bouquet toss, and all the other memories made that day. It’s a memento that keeps memories for ages.

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Wedding Videography Styles

bride and groom with green trees in the background

The two main types of wedding videography are documentary and cinematic.

Documentary-style is the most traditional type of wedding video. The video follows your special day in chronological order, and shows the raw, personal moments from your wedding day.

Documentary-style videos might even feature audio from your conversations. Watching back will feel like having those chats in real-time. These videos stitch together all the most precious moments from your day, so you can revisit them again and again.


Overall, a documentary-style video follows the natural progression of your wedding day, but a wedding videographer makes great work clipping the footage to flow seamlessly from one event to the next.

In contrast, cinematic-style videos are more artistic. The angles, transitions, and filters are not unlike those in a film or movie.

Additionally, the storytelling isn’t always as linear as a documentary-style video. A cinematic-style video might start with a speech from the reception that sets the tone of the story, then cut to clips of the bride and groom preparation. However, the video will emphasize a single theme or narrative that tells the story of both your love as a couple and the day you choose to tie the knot.

Therefore, you might consider a cinematic-style video a documentary-style video with additional posing and staging. While you will still receive a stunning product that you can rewatch until the end of time, there are small differences in the process.

On the big day, your videographer may pose different angles, and during the editing process the cinematography may come to life differently than in a documentary-style video.

There’s no right answer when it comes to your wedding video’s style. Every couple has a different story, and there’s a different style for every story. How do you want to tell your story?

Wedding Videography We Offer

Lucky for you, we offer both documentary- and cinematic-style videos. No matter what you decide is the perfect way to capture all those life-changing moments, we are ready to make memories with you.

After all, your wedding is the most special day of your life. It’s the start of the best chapter of your time as a couple, and it’s a promise of the long, shared life ahead of you. Your wedding film should capture that milestone in all its sentimental, loving and beautiful glory.

Wedding Bells Productions wants to help you do that. Read on to learn what our wedding videography packages might include.

groom plays guitar for bride on a beach, captured by a wedding videographer

Beautiful Highlight Reel

This is the wedding video you’re probably used to seeing on social media. That will be the documentary- or cinematic-style video that tells the story of a happy couple, their love, and the day they walk down the aisle to say I do.

Work with a wedding videographer on your dream style to capture your wedding day. Not only are our videographers skilled in shooting the coverage on the day of your wedding, they are also master editors. They can put together video and audio from your wedding day in a way that truly captures your hearts as a couple. On your wedding day and beyond, your videographer will work with you to tell your story with the gorgeous cinematography you deserve, and they’ll do it your way.

After all, there’s no better way than yours to tell your love story.

Lightly Edited Raw Footage

In addition to the highlight reel, our videography packages can include the lightly edited raw footage of your wedding. When it comes to editing, a videographer can perform light color correction and remove shaky footage, but keep your memories intact.

Your highlight reel is a beautiful narrative of the most important day of your life, but lightly edited raw footage fills in all the blanks.

The lightly edited raw footage helps you remember the candid moments. You can hear again the funniest or most heartfelt conversations. You can see again those breathtaking first looks or first moments. And you can experience again everything just the same way you did the first time.

All you have to do is press play on the lightly edited raw footage of your wedding.

Wedding Videography Songs

No wedding is complete without your favorite songs from your favorite artists, the ones you heard on the radio on the way to your first date, or the ones you stream when you’re at home together. Music is just as important to tell your love story as the visuals.

However, creating videos requires the purchase of music licensing rights on any songs featured in the video. The licensing rights for popular music from well-known artists can be very expensive.

That’s why we use music from less-known artists. The music is still nice, moving, and adds to the story, as any good soundtrack does. But it doesn’t come with potential penalties or even lawsuits when you post your video on social media. Now that is not an experience you want to remember.

Wedding Videography Packages

Wedding Bells Productions wants to be there for you on your wedding day, and each time you rewatch your wedding video to remember every meaningful, magical moment. That’s why we offer different packages with add-ons to satisfy any needs. Your highlight reel and lightly edited raw footage are only some of the ingredients in your custom-made wedding memories. There is so much more to capture your wedding day, and we’re here with you every step of the way, and down the aisle. Check our wedding videography packages to choose a tailored package to meet all your budget and storytelling needs. In case you are looking for a wedding photographer, please, check out our wedding photography service.

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