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From 15-second Tiktoks to three-hour movies, every form of video you watch has been edited in some way. Most people have some basic knowledge about video editing; they understand editors can add filters, pay mind to carefully stitch together shots, add music and sound to videos, and more.

Understanding the basics, people can edit simple social media videos, but professional video editing is a practiced art. Editors learn styles of different industries and perfect their craft. As a video editing company, we offer extensive expertise and services.

Video Editing Services List

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Any type of video has different editing techniques. Just think – you wouldn’t edit a social media video like an Instagram reel the same way as this year’s biggest blockbuster.

Some types of video editing are:

  • wedding,
  • personal film,
  • business film,
  • real estate video,
  • holiday vacation and interview.

And these are video editing services we offer.

But what do all of these styles entail?

Wedding Video Editing

Even under this umbrella, there are different many video styles. For example, documentary-style is a more candid and chronological account of your big day. There’s also cinematic-style, which focuses on sharing your big day through one theme, and through movie-like shots.

We have many wedding videography capabilities for your special event, so name your style, and we are happy to meet all of your needs.

There are also different lengths of these videos. Our editors can make a highlight reel film, a feature film and a full film video of your special day as a newlywed couple.

Length is the main difference between these films. A highlight-reel film is three to seven minutes, a feature film is 10 to 20 minutes, and a full film can be up to 35 or even 60 minutes.

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Personal Film Video Editing

Next on our list are personal film videos. The category encompasses a wide variety of videos, including graduations, funerals and birthdays. Think of them as home videos taken to the next level.

A professional video editing company can add a polished touch to your personal films. We can work with personal films of many lengths, and we can add photos, animated texts and titles to your personal films.

Business Film and Promo Video Editing

During the digital age, an increasing number of businesses turn to video to tell the story of their brand, and to promote their products or services. These videos can enhance their online presence on any platforms.

When it comes to business film video editing, the genre is so diverse. The needs of different businesses with different missions lead to very different video needs.

However, we are prepared to meet any business film video editing needs from branding to promo to everything in between. We can make business films of different durations, and we can also add photos, animated text and titles to business films as needed.

Real Estate Video Tour

We also offer real estate video tours. Real estate is a highly visual industry, and video is the perfect way to show not tell about a property.

In some ways, a video can be even better than showing a property in person, because it gives brokers, realtors and agents creative control over showing the property.

There are a lot of possibilities for real estate videos. They can also use pictures, videos, music or voiceovers. The main intention is to demonstrate a comprehensive view of a property. Let your video give viewers the full experience of stepping into and spending time in a space.

Real estate tour videos also increase the accessibility of your property. No longer does a buyer or renter have to step foot on property to see its best features. A video is their snapshot to enjoy from anywhere in the world.

video editing footage for a personal video film

Holiday Vacation Video

Holiday vacations are treasured memories with family and friends that you want to remember for the rest of your life. Photos are perfect ways to snapshot moments and landscapes, but a video can transport you right back to your vacation.

There are many directions to take with holiday vacation videos. They’re a great way to showcase everything a destination has to offer, from the architecture to the landscapes to the businesses to the recreational activities. A video brings all of that imagery to life.

Holiday vacation videos are fun, and many people enjoy watching them online. In such a diverse genre that can capture any culture or location in the world, it’s no wonder holiday vacation videos are increasingly popular on Youtube too.

Additionally, a holiday vacation video can help you remember your favorite moments spent with your family and friends. Use a video to remember the laughs shared and memories made as you explored a new destination together.

Sports Video Editing

If you’ve ever watched a sports game on tv, you’ve witnessed the careful practice of sports video editing. Even if you were too focused on cheering on your team to notice!

What is so unique about a sports video? What first comes to mind is probably the high action shots of players moving in every direction of a field or court. A sports video should be as high action as a sports game, with quick shots of the most exciting plays.

A sports video can also showcase the players, their talents and their stories. For example, text can be used to illustrate player stats, and voiceovers can be used to teach viewers more about the players’ backgrounds and stories.

Interview Video Editing

The final type of video editing on our video editing services list is interview video editing. There are many types of video interviews, but the intention of most interviews is to tell a story. Think about a documentary or celebrity interview you’ve watched before. Most of them probably drive home a main theme or point.

When video editors watch footage of interviews, they know to listen for that theme and pull clips and sound bites that fit the main narrative. They can also edit footage to take care of any redundant commentary or overused phrases, so viewers don’t have to hear the same thing too many times.

To make interview footage visually interesting, and to keep viewers’ attention, editors can also vary angles and lighting, so the footage isn’t too similar and stagnant.

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