7 Tips to Pick The Best Engagement Dresses

Congratulations, bride-to-be! You said yes to forever, but before you say I do at the wedding, it’s time for some fun: your engagement photo session. Engagement photos are a fun and timeless way to keep your memories of this beautiful season in life. No matter how much experience you have in front of the camera, engagement photos might seem nerve-wracking. But you can help put your best foot forward if you feel confident and comfortable in what you wear. Here are some tips to pick out the best engagement dresses.

Top Tips to Find the Best Engagement Dresses

Tip #1: Don’t Become Background Noise

The first tip is to dress with your background in mind.

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From rustic farm shoots to sleek indoor shoots, this tip applies to any venue. If your session is in a grassy field, stay away from green! And if it’s in a visually busy location, stay away from patterns that add to the noise!

More than that, you can complement your background. For example, if your photo session will be against a white or plain backdrop, that would be the perfect chance for patterns. Patterns would add visual interest to the photos when not much else is going on. 

For a busy backdrop, you can wear a dress in a simpler style, like a shift dress.

Tip #2: Coordinate with Your Partner, But Don’t Match

The best tip when it comes to engagement dresses is coordinating with your partner, which is very different from matching. Choosing outfits in the exact same pattern or color takes attention away from you and your faces, and draws eyes to the matching outfits. Matching outfits make photos very “cutesy,” rather than elegant, romantic or professional.

Instead of matching, try coordinating. 

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This might be engagement dresses in the same color scheme, but not shade, as your partner’s outfit. It could also be your partner wearing a tie, bracelet, or accessory that matches your dress.

Pay attention to the style of your dress compared to their outfit as well. You won’t look in sync if you pose in a ball gown, and your partner shows up in ripped jeans. You can choose a style of dress based on the mood you want to create in your photos. You can try formal, casual, romantic, moody, artsy or something else. But both of you should stick to your choice.

Tip #3: Keep the Season in Mind

When choosing engagement dresses, it’s also important to remember the season. This tip is especially important for outdoor shoots, but you can still capture and remember the spirit of your engagement season with the right dress.

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For spring and summer photos, think bright colors, subtle floral patterns or shorter skirts. They will keep the theme of your shoot light and fun. You can also try flowy styles with ruffles, cap sleeves or lighter fabrics.

Winter and fall are more muted seasons. Think warm, cozy and even elegant. Try a long, romantic dress in a darker shade. You can also consider the material of your dress in relation to the season. Winter and fall are perfect for knits and velvet!

Tip #4: Choose an Engagement Dress to Accentuate Your Features

Of course, brides should choose engagement dresses to accentuate their features. However, you can choose different dress styles based on the features you want to accentuate. For example, draw attention to your arms with cap sleeves or tight sleeves. Show off your legs with a shorter skirt, or accentuate your waist with a fit-and-flare cut.

When it comes to plus-size engagement dresses, the advice is the same. Consider the features you want to accentuate. Wrap dresses emphasize the waist and can show off your curves. Sheath-style plus-size engagement dresses can add length to your frame.

Tip #5: Think About Color

Tip #1 already recommends choosing a color based on the background. However, you can also use the colors of your engagement dresses to create the right mood. Red engagement dresses are daring and bold, white engagement dresses are soft and dreamy, blue engagement dresses are sleek and stylish. The list goes on. It’s about the mood you want to create.

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Some wedding photographers and wedding videographers recommend softer or more neutral colors that don’t distract from you and your partner’s faces, like earthy green, cool blue or soft white engagement dresses. 

However, don’t be afraid to add pointed and intentional pops of color.

Bright-colored dresses like yellow, orange or red engagement dresses can function like accents in the photo if there are small pops of color in other places in the shoot, like in your partner’s accessories or in certain parts of the backdrop.

Tip #6: Accessorize Your Engagement Dress

Engagement dresses are just one part of your look. You will need accessories to match. Some might have accessories in mind for the shoot, whether that’s a family heirloom bracelet, a lucky jewel, or a meaningful locket. It’s important to choose dresses that match your accessories as well.

If you like gold, silver or metallic accessories, choose darker colors that will let those metals shine. When it comes to other colors, what would make them stand out? Complementary colors on the opposite end of the color wheel are always a good option.

Don’t forget the style of your accessories and dresses too. Scoop or v-neck dresses pair well with long necklaces, and simpler dresses work well with bold, lush accessories. It’s important to think about accessorizing your dress during the decision-making process.

Tip #7: Stay True to You

The most important tip for choosing engagement dresses is to stay true to you. You will look stunning in your photos, especially if you feel comfortable and confident in what you wear. Choose a dress that you can move around in, and one that speaks to your style as an individual. There are many tips about colors, shapes and styles, but you will look your best when you feel your best. So take these tips, choose your engagement dress, and get ready for your wedding!

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