7 Best Orlando Airbnb Wedding Venues

Orlando is the perfect central Florida location for your Sunshine State wedding. It’s only a short drive from many beaches, and it’s situated right by many lake and waterfront views. There are so many Orlando wedding venues to choose from, and you might even consider an airbnb in Orlando, Florida. We don’t own any of these properties, nor are we affiliated with them in any way, but they are beautiful wedding venues for a picturesque outdoor wedding. Our wedding videographer team highly recommends these gorgeous Florida wedding venues.

Best Orlando Wedding Venues

Massive Waterfront Villa

Among these beautiful wedding venues is this Tampa airbnb. Tampa is only a short drive from Orlando, and the city has many breathtaking natural views just like Orlando.

This extravagant villa has nine bedrooms and sits right on the water. There is plenty of private space for an intimate outdoor wedding with bright green and blue views from the palm trees, lawns, lakes, and skies. It has everything you need for not only an extraordinary ceremony, but for incredible wedding photos and videos too.

The villa itself is also massive with a tropical, resort-style feel. There is a large deck for photos and videos, and the unique, beachy architecture will surely create outstanding wedding videos and photos.

  • Tampa, FL
  • Massive and private waterfront villa with striking natural views and grand, tropical architecture

Amazing Waterfront Vacation Home

This Tampa airbnb is one of the best Florida wedding venues for an outdoor wedding. It has a large deck and pier that extends right over the water, making it a perfect location for an intimate ceremony or an incredible spot for photos and videos.

No Florida wedding is complete without a waterfront view that will catch the eye in videos and photos. However, the deck, beautiful lawns, and secluded nature of this property will really help a videographer or photographer.

Some might also be interested in using the villa itself in photos and videos. The buildings are all a bright blue that will stand out and look different in photos and videos. It is certainly a special venue that no one else will be able to replicate.

  • Tampa, FL
  • Interesting and unique venue with dazzling waterfront views and quaint pier and deck

N-Magical 8 Bedroom

This spacious 8-bedroom property is one of the best Orlando wedding venues for Disney lovers. The venue is only minutes away from Disney parks, and each bedroom is themed after a different Disney movie or character.

However, even non-Disney lovers can appreciate the breathtaking views at this lakefront venue. The spacious home sits just beside a picturesque lake, which will add beautiful imagery to all of your wedding photos and videos.

What’s more, the venue has a unique, glass-covered patio on the lakeside portion of the home. The sleek and modern architecture contrasts well with the stunning water views, and they all come together to form striking shots on both photo and video.

  • Kissimmee, FL
  • 8-bedroom villa with gorgeous private patio and lakefront views

4556 Magnificent Mansion

This mansion is just as magnificent as the owner promises. The enormous house sits just beside a lake, ensuring amazing waterfront views. It also has beachy amenities, including sandy areas, boat docks and outdoor furniture. This includes shady cabanas, lounge chairs and even a hammock.

With all of the amenities, this mansion is one of our perfect Orlando wedding venues for you and your guests. It will also stun in wedding videography and photography. With so many different areas to film, a wedding photographer or wedding videographer in Orlando can easily create a unique and interesting shoot to help you remember your big day.

  • Kissimmee, FL
  • Gorgeous mansion property with lakefront views and beachy amenities

SANITIZED Storey Lake, Free Waterpark

This is another beautiful lakeside airbnb in Orlando, Florida to host your wedding. It is different from our other Florida wedding venues because the property offers many amenities in addition to the lake views. Incorporating all the natural skies, waters, and grassy fields will surely create an amazing wedding photo album and an even more striking wedding film.

When it comes to this property, there is also a pier and gazebo that will add a romantic element to a wedding ceremony, and to the photos and videos necessary to capture it. The dock will put you and your guests right above the water, and you can even use it for photos and videos. Our team highly recommends this as one of the best Orlando wedding venues.

  • Kissimmee, FL
  • Stunning lakefront property on Storey Lake with extensive outdoor space

1860 - Modern Home

Couples seeking for beautiful, contemporary Orlando wedding venues should look no further. This spacious and modern home is the perfect location for couples looking to do something different.

The large pool has very interesting architecture, with waterfalls and raised platforms. Wedding videos and photos that include these details will surely be fun and fresh! Couples who want to mix things up in their wedding videography and photography should check out this venue.

The pool is also enclosed in glass. The covered patio offers all the gorgeous natural views of the outdoors, but the glass covering protects weddings from the hazards of outside, like weather and bugs.

  • Kissimmee, FL
  • Sleek, modern home with stunning covered patio and pool

Family Resort -15BR Mansion

None of our Orlando wedding venues are complete without a lakeside view. This large and spacious mansion also has a private pool and backyard surrounded by an expansive grassy lawn.

With such a large lawn just beside the deep blue waters, this mansion is one of the best Orlando wedding venues. There is plenty of space to set up a large or intimate outdoor wedding.

The rolling lawns and large lake also make this an especially beautiful destination for wedding videography and photography. The bright colors of the grass and water will pop in your photos and videos. The vibrant colors will make your wedding ceremony seem even more stunning in photos and videos, and it will surely be an event to remember.

  • Kissimmee, FL
  • Spacious lakeside mansion with vibrant, rolling lawns perfect for setting up outdoors weddings

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