Guide to Hiring The Best Event Videographer

Event videography is no new phenomenon; people have captured their event memories through video since the age of camcorders. However, in an increasingly digital world, event videography has advanced as an art. Technology and technique improvements have led to clean and cinematic videos that paint the subjects like movie stars.

What’s more, though an offshoot of wedding videography, event videography can tell the story of all event types. From bar mitzvahs to retirement parties, an event videographer can help keep memories, advertise events and tell stories.

Types Of Events Captured By Event Videographer

A skilled videographer can capture many types of events. Their videos will capture more than just memories; they will keep the narrative of the event, sharing the guests’ feelings, relationships, and more.


Wedding Videographer Camera Backstage

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. A wedding videographer can create a gorgeous film for the bride and groom to cherish the big day.

There are many styles of wedding videography, and your wedding videographer can create a cinematic, artistic piece that feels like a movie, or even a more personal documentary-style video. Either way, the bride and groom will feel like stars.

However, a talented wedding videographer does more than creating a time capsule of your wedding day. They tell your love story, creating a narrative from the care and love you have for each other as a couple.

Bar / Bat Mitzvahs

Like any good wedding videographer, a bar or bat mitzvah videographer can capture all the details of a young person’s meaningful coming of age. They will create a beautiful film to look back on the big day, but they will also tell the story of what a bar or bat mitzvah means for a young person.

Bar Mitzvah Guitar Concert

An event videographer can show a young person’s character, and the journey they make to prepare for their bar or bat mitzvah. The videographer will show the journey that they made with their faith, and what is to come after the ceremony.

A bar or bat mitzvah videographer can also capture the tradition and culture of the event, as well as the vibrant and lively celebration between all the guests.

Retirement Parties

A retirement party is another milestone in someone’s life that marks the start down a new path. Just as they would with a bar or bat mitzvah, a good event videographer tells the story of a newly retired professional’s journey so far, as well as the good days to come.

Each retirement party is different, but a skilled videographer will take the time to understand an individual’s unique needs and bring them to life in a gorgeous video.

Small Venue Music Performance

Music Venue Event Videographer Camera Equipment Video

When it comes to a small music performance venue, a great event videographer skillfully captures all of the action – from the energy of the performer to the thrill of the crowd. A video of music performance can also do more than preserve memories.

The video can also be used as an advertisement for both the venue and the performer. The videographer can paint both the venue and performer in a flattering, compelling light.

School plays

An event videographer can also create school play videos that are more than a simple keepsake. They can record school plays in a way you’ve never before, bringing the stage to life on screen.

You can use a school play video to advertise for future performances, or even as a highlight reel to showcase young talent.

Funeral Videos

Many people also want a funeral video to remember their loved ones. The videos can also help remember a funeral itself, as an event meant to celebrate a lost loved one’s life.

Just as a funeral is meant to celebrate the life of someone no longer with us, a funeral video can do the same. Your funeral videographer can artfully stitch together clips to tell the story of someone’s life and legacy in a beautiful video.

The Biggest Differences Between A Pro And Amateur Videographer?

The biggest difference between a pro and amateur event videographer is their level of experience. Like with any other talent or profession, more time perfecting event videography as a craft leads to a higher skill level.

Additionally, a more experienced event videographer can make more than just a more polished video. They will be more experienced in working with clients, taking them through the vision and filming process, and engaging them in the creation of a video that perfectly meets their needs.

How To Hire The Best Wedding Event Videographer

There will come a time when we all search for an ‘event videographer near me.’ But after you get all the search results, how do you hire the best event videographer?

Plan Early

First of all, keep timing in mind when you begin the videographer search. An in-demand videographer is usually booked out a year in advance, so you need to start looking well before your event date.

Decide if you want to speak directly to the event videographer before your date

When you consider the search results for a videographer, you should also know that some companies have staff for intake and collecting your information, and different videographers that are sent to your event.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing if you don’t speak directly to the videographer that will attend your wedding or event; some might prefer it. However, it’s something to keep in mind during your search, so you can choose what’s right for you.

Watch sample videos

Additionally, each videographer has their own style. Watch the sample videos and reels on their website or other social media pages. Make sure your visions align, so it’s a good fit for you both.

Event Videographer Experience, Available Video Packages

You can also consider the videographer’s experience level, how fast they deliver the results and what videos they include in the package they give to you.

Like each videographer has their own style, they also curate packages and work processes that work best for them. When shopping for an event videographer, check out the different packages each one offers. Finding something that meets your needs can help narrow down the options.

So don’t just pick the first result when you search ‘event videographer near me.’ Make sure to consider timing, style, experience, delivery and more when you consult with an event videographer, and when you make your final decision.

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